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Wine Education Week

와인 에듀케이션 위크 동안 전 세계 45개국의 WSET 프로그램 제공자는 450가지 이상의 와인 관련 행사를 주최합니다.
WSET 프로그램 한국 공식 제공자 와인비전이 주최하는 Wine Education Week 런칭 파티와 세미나에 와인 애호가 여러분을 초대합니다.

Finding the perfect match

Explore how the key components in food- Acidity, salt and sweetness- impact the way we taste wine. Learn some easy rules of thumb skills that can be applied to any menu, wine list or home cooked meal.

Vine to glass

Want to know more about wine but don’t know where to start? This introductory tasting will provide you with the skills to start tasting wines like a professional.

Deciphering wine labels

E​ver panic about buying 'the wrong wine?' Fear not! Discover how to judge the contents of a bottle, without even opening it! Learn how to decode the wine lingo, and gain the confidence to find the flavours you are looking for.

Mastering maturation

This short course explores the maturation of wine both through ageing wine in barrel and bottle. Taste a number of aged wines from the Academy's cellar during the course.